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Meeting IT Business Needs

    AI Ops
  • AI Ops is fast becoming an IT "Best Practice" due to it's ability to reduce the time to detect and correct service disruptions to employees, customers and partners. AI Ops software has helped companies like Lockheed, Kaiser, Cisco and others achieve MTTI, and MTTR reductions of up to 50%. These radical reductions have saved companies millions in insourced and outsourced costs.
    Software Development
  • Refcor's team of highly-skilled developers is focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) development services for difficult, high-impact applications. An example of this is the notoriously difficult problem area of production scheduling, where systems have been developed to assist steel manufacturing manage their production operations more efficiently.
    Network Discovery, Monitoring and Management
  • Refcor's Network services include the utilization of sophisticated tools to discover network topology (with visual display of network maps), identify all network attached devices, configure monitoring alerts/alarms, and enable remote management of network devices. Refcor has partnered with Auvik to provide these "Best In Class" cloud-based network services, operating in the role of a Managed Service Provider. As such, additional network services such as device configuration for a wide variety of network devices (e.g. Routers, Switches) are also provided.
    Data Analysis
  • Refcor consultants are experienced in analyzing customer data in the Hospitality, Logistics, Manufacturing and Financial industries. Refcor can perform one-time analyses of data for specific client goals, or can setup an environment to provide client end-users with regular "data-mining" capabilities.
    Server Support
  • Refcor provides services for Windows and Linux server environments that include System Administration, Active Directory support, VPN access, scheduled Backup Management, etc. Our consultants are experienced working in local office settings as well as in professionally operated datacenters.
    AS400/IBM Mid-Range
  • Refcor services also cover the IBM mid-range platform known as the iSeries (formerly known as the AS400). Refcor can provide Systems Configuration and Acquisition services, Systems Administration services, and Software Development of Web-based front ends to provide clients' customers with easy access to previously difficult to use "green-screen" applications.